The Transport Credit Union

Credit Union Benefits



Low cost Fixed Rate loans.

No loan set up fees.

No early settlement fees.

No exit fees.


FREE Loan Protection Benefit.


Excellent savings rate paid Full details:



1. Save the easy way by free payroll deduction, courtesy of your employer as an Employee Benefit.



As a saver you can borrow up to five times your shares at low rates from 8.3%. (15.% APR) down to as little as 3.1% (5.9% APR) for all unsecured loans, compare this with other well-known lenders,

your saving continues even when borrowing as a percentage of your payment to the credit union will remain in your shares, which can be used to pay off your loan when equal with loan balance, or just leave it or apply for your next loan based on your share balance, YOUR CHOICE! .

3. No Setting up charges, no early settlement fees, all loans are fixed rate.

4. Loan Protection Benefit on all loans up to your 70th birthday is provided for members.

5.The recommended “Standard Dividend” on savings during year 2016/17 is 1.05% and even better on our Higher Dividend accounts.


6. We can offer free budgetary guidance free to Members if required.

7. Your statement of account is available free on request, also a comprehensive annual statement is provided.

8. Free life savings cover matched £ for £ up to £10,000 on your shares up to 65th birthday, normal conditions apply, details on request. 


9. There is an “Introductory Loan Plan” for new members, up to £1,000. At 8.3% flat rate interest.


10. After taking out an unsecured loan for any amount, if you are unhappy for any reason, you can just return the loan within 14 days stating the reason, and we will charge you 0% interest.

11. When taking your annual leave you can apply for a “holiday relief loan” and have your three weeks credit union deduction returned to you before you go.


12. We are Regulated as a credit union with the PRA and FCA.

13. Where appropriate we can arrange secured loans at a reduced rate on normal loan charges.


14. Members over two years in the credit union can apply for either:

·         A Personal Budget Account at £10 per week which is a handy overdraft type facility in units of £100 up to £500 at 8.3% flat rate –ie approx. £41pa. - Only 15.9% APR on the reducing balance


·         A Personal Budget Account at £20 per week which is a handy overdraft type facility in units of £100 up to £1,000 at = 8.3% flat rate –ie approx. £82pa. - Only 15.9% APR on the reducing balance


15. For over quarter of a century our solicitors have been more than willing to offer legal advice free to our members whenever required. Call the Credit Union for more information


16. We have had an ongoing business arrangement with prominent Financial/ Mortgage Advisors for over 25 years. Our Members pay no Mortgage Broker fees, call the Credit Union for more information.

17. Member’s savings are protected against fraudsters by the use of a reputable credit-referencing agency and approved Collection Agencies with whom which we share necessary information. We do not however share your personal information or data with any other organisation   


18. We have a pleasant and very experienced staff and management, directed by a competent and Regulator approved Board of Directors, elected by the members, and are prominent people in passenger transport who understand fully, the needs of workers in the industry.

19. As one of our Members, you need not tolerate unreasonable harassment or bullying from any financial institution, we can provide legal or financial advice, or a even trained negotiator who can act on your behalf.


20. We operate a "treat your customers fair policy" and openly invite you to advise us if you wish to make an expression of dissatisfaction to our complaints officer.


Our business is also covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service, to which a member can refer in the unlikely event that a complaint remains unresolved.








The better way to save
A cheaper way to borrow 



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in

data privacy regulation


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GDRP Privacy Statement
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Transport Mortgage Services for Credit Union Members


Estate agent service for Credit Union Members

Our Member Service Team can take your personal call

Mon - Thurs 8.45am - 16.00pm
Friday 8.45am - 15.00pm
10 Lines waiting for your call.

Licensed  by : FCA for Money Counselling.

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