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Lending rates start from as low as 3.7% flat rate (6.9% APR on the reducing balance) depending on size of loan and including your free life insurance.
Our loan rates do not vary during period of an agreed loan- and you can pay off a loan at any time without penalty.

At each Annual General Meeting the Board will recommend the Dividends for our past financial year dating from 1st October to 30th Sept, following acceptance by the Members present these payments will be calculated for all active accounts at this date and the monies placed in those accounts at the earliest opportunity.

* Please note:
1. Dividends can vary from year to year based on profitability, business requirements and other external factors.

2. Your credit union Dividend is paid gross of Tax, as normal, you should ensure you meet any taxation
responsibilities that may be due.

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Our Member Service Team can take your personal call

Mon - Thurs 8.45am - 16.00pm
Friday 8.45am - 15.00pm
10 Lines waiting for your call.

Licensed  by : FCA for Money Counselling.

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