Do you have a credit card or two (or three), with balances that feel never ending? A loan, possibly high interest, with high repayments? Are you juggling numerous payments each month? Overdrafts, catalogues, store cards, we know how it can all mount up and can start to feel overwhelming.

Money worries can be so stressful – consolidating your creditor payments may alleviate some of this stress and help significantly in terms of your outgoings. If this is the case, our new consolidation loan may be the answer for you. You don’t need to have fallen behind in payments for a consolidation loan to be right for you.

Our experienced team will be able to help determine whether a consolidation loan is the best option for you and guide you in the right direction if not.

Our members can apply for a debt consolidation loan, at the fixed interest rate of 17.9 % APR. This rate is guaranteed and will not change based on your application or circumstances. This loan has the same benefits as our other loan products.

If you wish to discuss a consolidation loan before submitting application, please contact us at and we can arrange a call back or email from our designated department.